FTTH and FTTx Networks are evolving dynamically to deliver top-notch customer services and transforming user experiences.


  • IPTV: Internet Protocol Television is the next generation Cable Television which will do away with the traditional Set Top Box (STB). Having the ability to stream video & Movie contents directly from the Internet, One Touch Infratel has the capability to provide this IPTV services for the FTTH Platform.
  • Digital Cable TV: Is the next generation Cable TV which will stream High Definition video contents and 4K video contents as per the television specifications requirements. One Touch Infratel is providing these Digital Cable TV services on its FTTH Platform.
  • DTH: Direct To Home is the satellite based contents which will stream High Definition video contents and 4K video. One Touch Infratel can provide these Direct To Home services on its Telecom Network Platform.
  • Internet Leased Line / Broadband: In today's high definition and 4K world the content streaming requires high bandwidth requirements and the same will be provided through gigabit and terabit bandwidth per household. One Touch Infratel is already providing these Internet Leased Line / Broadband on its FTTH Platform.
  • Wifi Hotspots: Wi-Fi Hotspots can be created anywhere in the gated complex for customers usage in common areas, gyms, swimming pools and health club areas. The same Internet plans is extended to customers while mobile and moving inside the gated community.
  • Video on Demand (VOD): A dedicated Video on Demand (VOD) server will be provided to the customers to share and watch in-house contents and content sharing and high speed gaming experience. These servers will be hosted at the FTTH rooms inside the gated complex, or will be connected to the AmphiTheatre inside the complex.

Telephony & Intercom services

Telephony & Intercom services from any Telecom Service providers will be integrated in the FTTH platform and customers can choose the service provider of his choice. This can be having a dual purpose of an intercom as well as landline telephony features.

Security and Surveillance

Internet Protocol Closed Circuit Television (IP-CCTV) and surveillance cameras solutions can be implemented on the FTTH network backbone and the same can be integrated with the customers Television and security surveillance systems.

Video Door Phone ( VDP)

A Internet Protocol video Door Phone (IP-VDP) can be integrated with its Guard Phone in the entrance of the gated complex where in 3 tier of surveillance and security levels can be maintained and the customers can monitor every person entering inside the gated complex to meet him.

Home and Office Automation

The FTTH Network is integrated and capable of provisioning the entire Building Management system to the customers Home & Office automation system for any kind of emergencies and control point of view.

Building management solution (BMS) & In-building solution (IBS)

The FTTH Network created by One Touch Infratel is integrated and capable of provisioning the entire Building Management system (BMS) for perimeter lighting of the complex, tank water and garden water management and entire electricity management and control. The In-building solution (IBS) provided by One Touch Infratel will provide strong Telecom signals inside the apartments for multi storied towers where Telecom Signals are not present or are weak to make any mobile phone calls.

RFID Parking control access system

One Touch Infratel provides Radio Frequency Based Identification Cards (RFID) to all the society members, employees, housekeepers, gardners, maids, cooks and drivers to keep track and control of their movement inside the gated complex.

Smoke & Fire Alarm System

Our next-generation FTTH network integrates with the smoke and fire alarm systems and escalates it if there are any incidents that happen inside the residences. This safety features helps the residents a peace of mind