One Touch  
  • World's leading countries in FTTP household market penetration: South Korea (52% of households have FTTP), Japan (34%), Hong Kong (33%) and Taiwan (24%)
  • Number of USA FTTP connected (as of March 2010): 5.8 million
  • Percentage that are satisfied with their FTTP HD-TV picture quality: 88percent
  • Percentage of subscribers who say their FTTP connection enables them to work from home more often: 17 Percentage

Speed of Fiber
  • Copper cable forces you to share bandwidth with your neighbors. One Touch fiber gives you, your own dedicated fiber connection
  • Our  FTTP can deliver multiple high definition TV channels, telephone service with crystal-clear sound and lighting speed of 100 Mbps Internet which gives non freezing crystal-clear Video Conferencing, e-learning, Live Exclusive Satellite Channels over the internet and fastest download and surfing experience.

You will be amazed with Quality Service (QoS).

  •  All these without the cluster of copper cables in your Society.
  • One touch infratel FTTP is fully automated and takes few minutes to change or add a service.
  • Nothing in the world is faster then fiber. Scientists have worked for year and can not find it’s limits.

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