One Touch  

Using Fiber Optic is adopting "Green Technology".

One Touch Infratel Passive Optic Network is deployed using a passive optical splitter that needs no power supply. It saves 100% distribution power as compared to traditional copper network.

A single Fiber strand can carry more data than thousands of copper cables and it can transmit data on a virtually infinite distance without using any distribution equipment, which consumes lot of power and generating heat in the long run.

One Touch Infratel will deliver substantial environmental benefits in the long term like petrol saved when more people work from home by using our High Definition Video Conferencing.

Fiber To The Home (FTTH) is not only a good business proposition, but is also a good way to "Go Green" There are additional ecological benefits, like reducing carbon Footprint that are associated with fiber-driven, Next Generation Network using the MSAO technology over the long term.

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